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Klara’s Journey, Paperback

Klara’s Journey, Paperback

Awards and Accolades

  • 1st Place Award, 2021 Palouse Writers Guild, First Chapter Contest.
  • Judge’s Choice Award, 2021 Palouse Writers Guild, First Chapter Contest.
  • Honorable Mention, 2022 Idaho Writers Guild, First 10 pages of a Novel.

Advance Praise for Klara’s Journey

“K.S. Wright nicely contrasts Klara’s personal revelations and experiences with the rising conflicts and challenges of her world. Her encounter with demons, rituals, and matters of her own heart (“I don’t believe I’m capable of even knowing what love is.“) makes for a satisfying contrast between high-octane adventure and psychological development as Klara moves into positions of power she’d never imagined . . . Libraries and readers seeking stories that represent the intersection of fantasy, history, romance, and psychological growth will welcome the opportunity to follow Klara on her life-changing journey through a world in flux.” Midwest Book Review

“In her debut novel, Wright does a masterful job of portraying Klara’s journey. The Klara that the reader first meets is guarded and cut off from emotion. After she joins the Keltoi, she begins to open her heart to the possibilities of family and love, though her growing trust proves to be dangerous. Wright also ably develops the rough-hewn Keltoi into distinctive, enjoyable characters. Wright has created an enthralling new series lead, so here’s hoping Klara hangs on until the second book.” —Kirkus Review

“. . . a satisfying milieu of discovery and unexpected twists of plot to keep the romance elusive and fresh and the action spirited . . .”  D. Donovan, Editor, Donovan’s Literary Services

Publication date: June 2023